Parking Is Life

Some people watch birds. Other watch planes.

Some even stand on bridges, recording the movements of cars (usually specific ones). But it takes a truly hardcore hobbyist to make entertainment from watching car parks.

I’m well aware that car park design specialists and consultants do exist, and they even exist right here in Melbourne, which is why our car parking system works so beautifully. But I wasn’t made for sitting at a desk. I was made for crouching in a cold car park, surrounded by either concrete walls or no walls at all, recording the movements of cars within and giving them an extremely complex score based upon my own criteria.

I thought I was alone in this endeavour, until Odd-Match. ‘Car Park Efficiency Assessment’ wasn’t even something I had to search for, because as soon as I’d made my profile, it just popped up at the top of a sidebar that suggested hobbies for me to put down. Truly amazing! It must have been able to tell from my height, profile pic and place of residence that I’m the type of person who hangs around car parks for hours at a time. 

Truthfully, I’m a little nervous about meeting the other two people in Australia who share this interest. For all I know, they could be actual, genuine traffic impact assessment professionals, with clipboards and payment for their services. Even worse, they could be hobbyists like me, but have woefully inadequate scoring systems and I’ll just spend the whole time judging how they left out the level-by-level turning circle rating. Or something.

I’m also just not good with people…on account of me spending all my time alone in car parks, making notes on a clipboard.

I know I probably could be a traffic engineer. Melbourne could benefit from my passion, and I come with my own clipboard. But that, like Odd-Match, involves interacting with people – quite the next step.