Aussie Masters

Well hey there, fellow Masters. Great to have you visiting our site!

Are you ready to Didgeri-DUEL??

This site celebrates the cult-classic card game that many of you will remember from your school days: Legends of Australis. Also, the animated series that was brutally cut short after a single season, but still helped to boost the card game to the popularity it enjoys today.

Now that they’ve announced a series revival and are printing entirely new sets, a few of us have got together to make one awesome place for all those either still playing the game (known as ‘Aussie Masters’ in the official rulebook) or those wanting to get started.

Have a look around, read the rules, get to know the lore, and we hope you’ll become as passionate about Legends of Australis as we are!


A Quick Intro

Legends of Australis is set in a version of Australia filled with magic and monsters, but there’s a definite undercurrent of fun that came across really well in the animated series. When your mascot is a mystical, sass-talking kangaroo with lightning powers, you can’t take this stuff too seriously. 

The game itself has fairly simple rules: all you need is a deck of thirty cards, a ‘Master’ card that serves as the commander of your Fighters, and a flat surface big enough for your battlefield. You’ve got your three basic types of card:


The animals and monsters that fight in your duel.

Mystic Art 

Non-entity cards that let you use magical powers to help or hinder.


Cards that can give your Fighters weapons and armour, or augment your Mystic Arts.


Miracle cards are rare, with only two per deck and strict requirements for playing them, but they have the potential to turn the tide of battle when used correctly.

Basically, your goal is to build your army of Fighters, capture land by battling against your opponent’s fighters and eventually gather enough Red Soil Tokens to become the Master of Australis. Of course, that’s a super-simplified version, but click through to our rules pages to learn even more about why the game is so awesome!