Meet the Masters

Aussie Masters is the brainchild of Hudson Cabrera and Mikhail Jones, two grown-ups who never quite grew up. 

We both used to play Legends of Australis back in school, and all these years later, we’ve never lost our passion. We set up this site as a touchpoint for new fans, and a way to unite everyone who shares the same interest.


I started when I was thirteen and I got a Kangaroo Kingdom starter deck for my birthday. I was actually one of the first kids in my school to start playing the game and I think I got everyone else into it!

I know Jai was my very first Master card, and he’s known as the Master for beginners, but I never stopped loving his strategic style. Jai for life!

By day, I’m a graphic designer and I’m the proud ‘father’ of two cats, Jai and Mattie.


Unlike my friend Hudson, I think my strategic knowledge has actually moved beyond square one.

I’m kidding! Actually, I started as a Jessie main, moved onto Cornelius Quokka, and then Jack once the Sovereign Secrets set came out. Gotta love characters with unique playstyles.

I spend my time as an optometrist and I love to write flash fiction.


Hey everyone! Hudson and Mikhail brought me on-board as their social media manager, and I can’t wait to start sharing the good news!

I spend most of my time maining Matilda, but I’ve been known to dabble in Dinah the Dingo Duchess when I want to make my opponent miserable. 

I love horses! And COFFEE!!