Broken Down Car

I’m supposed to take the girl I’ve had feelings for out on a date tonight. I’ve been excited about this for the entire week since I asked her out and have planned everything perfectly. I thought I had double checked – no, triple checked – everything that could impact the smooth running of the date. I’m certain about tonight’s dinner reservation, and have the tickets to the drive-in safely tucked away in my wallet. My outfit is crisp and ready to go, and I felt completely prepared… until I hopped in my car this morning to drive to work, only to find that my car won’t start.

The one thing I didn’t think to check was the state of my car. It was working yesterday, so why would I even consider that my car would be the thing to spoil the date? We’re supposed to take my car to the drive-in. Anyway, I panicked and called in sick to work so that I could frantically find somewhere to get a car service within Elsternwick. My usual mechanic was all booked out, and took me over an hour to find a mechanic that had any availability today. It turns out that people book out mechanics weeks in advance. What are those of us who experience random car emergencies supposed to do? It’s safe to say that I was extremely stressed until I was finally able to make a booking.

In about thirty minutes I’m expecting a man some auto repair shop near Malvern to park in my driveway and fix my car. I obviously couldn’t go to him as I have no transportation, so I’m lucky that he’s coming to me.

Imagine if I had to explain to my date that we couldn’t go out tonight because my car has stopped working. There’s no way that I’m willing to risk my one shot with the girl of my dreams. Paying for this auto repair is so worth it.