Cyberspace Property

You know, they say what happens in the virtual world…doesn’t matter. And it stays there…because it doesn’t matter. But I’ve been playing Over-Botch for a while now, and I find my job there more fulfilling than anything I’ve ever encountered in the real world. In the desert of the real, I stack boxes. It’s really just that. Some boxes come in, we stack them, rinse and repeat until the machines come and take our jobs, which is going to be pathetically easy once the corporate types wake up.

In the digital space? I’m a well-respected conveyancing professional. Carnegie (that is, the digital version) knows who I am, because I was one of the first to take up conveyancing. I’ve ascended to the top of the conveyancing skill tree, won awards, reached achievements for staying with the same job for so long and eventually I think I could actually make something of a living here. People have started doing it already, and Over-Botch has NO signs of slowing down. Heck, they’re even adding in a patch that’ll allow people to move to underwater homes, which means a ton of conveyancing work for me. They’ll definitely be moving on with that particular project a lot faster than real-life Melbourne, in which there’s currently a lot of talk and zero action. People have bought shares and everything, and the first underwater dome home was supposed to have been completed months ago.

That;s the power of digital, people. It’s a virtual world just waiting to be shaped. Homes can be built out of thin air…although you still need conveyancers and conveyancing lawyers, hence why I exist. Can’t just have everyone moving in and out of homes all willy-nilly…you gotta have order.

Look, all I’m saying is that if someone- and I’m looking at you, Lawrence Corp- invents a laser canon that can zap your physical body into cyberspace, I’m there. No questions asked.