Hidden Treasures

Reginald has been acting very suspicious lately. It’s not exactly the type of attitude you want from the treasurer of your secret society. Truthfully, his connection to the British Noblemen of Melbourne Society is tenuous at best. None of us has ever heard of Sir Reginald the Bold before, and he could have easily forged the knightly sigil, but we tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Why our founder has elevated him to treasurer after only two months in the society is a mystery.

As if there wasn’t enough fog surrounding this strange descendant of a supposed knight, he conducts his treasury work in complete privacy. At first, I didn’t think anything of him using society funds to order commercial glass tinting, but when the only window in our lodge’s building that was tinted was the window to the treasury, I thought something might be up. Is he stealing society funds? Using them to fund his illicit tie business? I won’t stand for it.

Oh, yes, we all got upgraded windows, but none of them are tinted. Yes, I may have the finest decorative window in the Melbourne area, but people can still see me if they try hard enough. Reginald, though? He’s completely hidden. It is suspect, to say the least. And yet nobody else in the society seems to have noticed. They all think Reginald is a perfect member of the order, a true British nobleman of Melbourne. I’ll find a way to prove them wrong. Even if I have to break into the treasury and catch him red-handed.

Of course, the others claim I’m just jealous that Reginald got the treasury job instead of me, who has been in the society for several years now. And I am upset about it, yes, but I would never let that cloud my judgement. The safety and secrecy of the society is the most important thing to me. But if I can get revenge at the same time, that’s just a bonus.