Knightly Problems

Welcome to the tale of an Arthurian knight who fell through time and found himself in 21st century Melbourne.

I began my time in the big city seeking out a replacement for my sword. I wandered the streets, seeking the finest blacksmith this land had to offer but could find none at all. Eventually, I stumbled across the local militia. I was shocked to find that they did not carry swords.

“Excuse me, good sirs,” I said, “where might a knight like myself find a good blade with which to spar?”

I must confess, they gave each other an odd look before one asked me. “So, are you a cosplayer from the convention or an extra from that King of the Bling television show they’re producing here? Either way, if you want a sword, you’d best find some steel suppliers near Melbourne.”

“You mean there are more like me? More of my chivalrous brothers?”

They both shrugged. “Sure. Sisters, too. Just continue down the street and you’ll find them.”

Sisters? They allow women to be knights? How could that possibly be, when it is the duty of a knight to protect women? The 21st century is a strange time indeed!

At what is locally called the “convention hall”, I found them. Hundreds of people were wearing armour, although some of it didn’t seem very effective. All of them were armed, but their swords were not sharp. I approached one of my fellow knights and spoke.

“Excuse me, brother, where did you acquire your weapon?”

“I got mine from the best steel fabricator Melbourne has to offer, but most people get them from Online Bay.”

“An online bay, huh? Like a marketplace by the docks?”

The knight shook his head. “Online Bay is a website, you know, on the internet.”

“On the world wide web, you say? Thank you for your time, sir knight.”

So, the whole reason I’m writing this blog post is that I don’t really know how to navigate the web. How do I get to Online Bay? If anybody could help, I’d really appreciate it. 

Now, I just hit save draft, and wait for the answers to roll in.