Now, Aluminium Parties

There’s always room for more product marketing in my life. I might have to reschedule a few sales parties, but the more companies I sign up to, the better my chances of hitting it big and earning $4657 a month. This will allow me to have financial freedom and set my own hours while all my friends are stuck in an office. I get to choose how much money I make. It’s a great opportunity for self starters. Oh golly, I’m not sure what came over me there. Suddenly I was talking in five different voices at once like I was possessed or something, ha-ha!

Anyway, I reckon there’s a BIG market for cleaning kits for ute trays. Melbourne has many professional tradespeople, and they need to clean their ute trays, clearly. Those trays can fill up with all sorts of nasty things, like…like oil! That’s something that tradespeople use. When I was eagerly sitting through the seven-hour induction process for Ute Beaut Sparkle Shine (that’s the company – their Visage-Tome ads are very compelling), they mentioned all sorts of substances that people could be keeping in their ute trays, including…ugh, let me remember…oil, obviously. Maybe other, inferior cleaning kits. I suppose that animals could get in there sometimes? Like, a possum climbs in there, leaves droppings and dirty fur, and you need a world-class cleaning kit that has been specifically designed to clean ute trays. It is the only way, because as the training video said, no ordinary cleaning kit will do.

Maybe I need to brush up on my knowledge of sales before I tackle something this big and complicated. After all, under tray drawers and 4×4 aluminium canopies are complicated. I only remember that last one because there’s a special add-on kit that we were supposed to upsell at the parties…which I haven’t yet organised, because Hellion Heels for Honeys was having a sale weekend, and I needed to schedule a party for Saturday.

Golly, I’m quite busy. But it’ll all be worth it when I have my yacht.

Is that pronounced ‘yokt’, or ‘yar-cht’?…?