Safe Brake Repair

Hi everyone, I’m just updating you guys on how I went driving home after my car air conditioning service yesterday. Once I got to the mechanic I was visibly anxious, to the point where the mechanic said I could sit and relax in the waiting room for as long as I needed before I drove home. His gesture made me really glad that I decided to get the service in Bentleigh. Automotive services can often be a bit impersonal, but there I felt genuinely cared for, which meant the world to me. I spent about thirty minutes sitting in the waiting room making sure I was ready to drive, and then made my way behind the wheel.

Before I left, though, the mechanic let me know that I would soon need to get a brake repair. Moorabbin wasn’t too far away and I knew that they wouldn’t have let me drive the car away if it wasn’t safe enough, but I was still all tense thinking about a possible brake failure. I was quite on edge for the entire ten minute drive home, and was very thankful that it wasn’t a longer drive. I’ll admit, I did find it comforting turning the aircon on and having the cool fresh air calm me down.

For someone who experiences a high level of anxiety such as myself, it helps that I can keep a checklist of everything that is safe and going well. The mechanic would not have let me drive the car if the brake repair was urgent; he was just giving me a heads up about a possible future concern. I repeated these facts over and over in my head on the drive home, and thankfully, I made it home incident free. As soon as I shut off the engine in my driveway, I felt a wave of relief come over me. I had made it home.

I’ll have no problems driving tomorrow, now that I’ve ripped off the bandaid. Next time, however, I’ll try book services that only go for one day.