Car Service Woes

I have had the longest day. I only just got home after leaving my house thirteen hours ago, which is less than ideal. To make matters worse, I forgot my drink bottle when I left home this morning. Anyone that knows me knows that I carry my water bottle everywhere. I do this for a number of reasons, the most obvious reason being that I like to stay hydrated throughout the day. The other main reason is that drinking water helps with my anxiety, and so I drink water in any stressful situation. 

So knowing what you know about me now, you can imagine how much I struggled today when I started having car troubles and needed a car repairs near Brighton. I realised that if I was in the big city, things would be even more chaotic than they are here. Still, being stuck on the side of the road because I was too scared to drive – without my water bottle, no less – is terrible, no matter where it may happen.

The whole time I was waiting for the mechanic to arrive, I was cursing myself for not bringing my water bottle. How could I have forgotten it? I bet you if I hadn’t forgotten it, my car wouldn’t have broken down. It was really hard for me to sit there and wait for the mechanic without drinking any water. I could feel myself getting more and more dehydrated, which is not only uncomfortable, but added to my stress. I actually called and asked if the mechanic would bring me a bottle of water on his way over to Brighton. Tyre and auto service providers shouldn’t have to do that sort of thing, but I was kind of desperate.

The mechanic wasn’t surprised to hear that I wanted a bottle of water, but he was surprised that I didn’t have one on me. Moral of the story: don’t forget your water bottle.