Incredible Corporate Video

Hey again everyone.

Last month I promised you all an update on how the corporate video turned out. I said that I’d update you after showing it to some investors, but I’m too excited. The video is PERFECT! I received it last week and was honestly dumbfounded at how engaging it was. I wanted to pour my whole life savings into the business after watching the video, which is not something I wanted to do prior. It’s safe to say that this video will very effectively kickstart the future of financial technology, and I’m stoked.

I’d like to formally recommend this company for anything related to corporate video production. Melbourne is truly lucky to have them and I am stoked that I chose them to take on this project. As my business grows in 2021 and beyond, I will be returning to this company for more and more videos. I see this as a partnership that will last well into the future, and I look forward to it. 

Because of my excitement at the quality of the video, I actually showed my first potential investor yesterday. I wasn’t planning on showing any investors until the New Year because I wanted to work on my pitch to go alongside the video. But, the video was perfect and any pitch I could give would detract from the stroke of genius that is the video. And so, I let the beautiful work created by the 2D animation company do the talking.

The graphics in the video perfectly summed up all the main points in an interesting and visually appealing way. The video gave just enough information for the investors to be interested, but left it open so that the investors would come to me wanting to find out more. As you can imagine, I got my first investor on board on my first try. Here’s to a 100% efficiency rate going forward.