Devastating Suspension Breakdown

You wouldn’t believe it, but I’ve hit the first roadblock of my five day trip around Australia. I’m still in Tasmania, having now done a lap of the entire island, but something has gone wrong with my car and I can’t figure out what. I’m on my way to get urgent car repairs in Cambridge, which is just a random suburb/town in Tassie. It was the closest place to where my car started acting up, and so I’m just going. I don’t have time to book an appointment and I don’t have time to stop and look for somewhere better, so I’m just going there and hoping for the best.

It was literally less than twenty-four hours ago that I said I don’t foresee anything going wrong during this entire trip. I can’t believe how badly I jinxed myself.

I wonder what the mechanic is going to think when I rock up in the most manic state that anyone’s ever been in. I have no time to talk. I only have time to hand him my keys and scream that my car isn’t working properly and to fix it immediately. I wish I could be more polite but I really don’t have a choice. I don’t have time to chat about anything. I didn’t schedule an emergency breakdown into my schedule. What was the point in getting my car serviced before I left and during my trip if it was just going to break down anyway?

So I just got my car back from the mechanic. I needed suspension repairs. Luckily they didn’t take long and I’ll be back on the road in five minutes. This whole ordeal has taken up five hours of my time and as a result, I have to get a different boat back to the mainland. I’m going to have to speed on every road around the rest of the country to make up for the lost time here.