Faraway Marquee Solutions

I wish the CPRC would just decide where they’d like to rebuild Church Park. You would think that they’re just building a new little township in the place where the old Church Park used to be, but even that’s getting a bit fuzzy. We’re getting different versions of the blueprints, some of them very different from the others. Sometimes our video calls with them will just cut out when someone’s in mid-sentence. All-in-all, they don’t seem to know what they’re doing, which bleeds down to us because we’re supposed to be planning the events.

They’ve told us to use a marquee hire company in Melbourne, and…well, sure, but why? It’s a fairly long drive to the next state, and I think there’s marquee hire closer, so why from Melbourne? Is Melbourne’s marquee hire that good? I guess it must be. 

Hey, we’re just going to be the event company; we do what the CPRC wants. If they want someone to pick up a marquee from one city and bring it to another, then they’re going to be paying us for our time, and they know that. The opening celebration for when Church Park is finally renovated is going to be something really special, with all sorts of market stalls and street performances. I think the brief mentioned something about trying to establish open-air markets as a tradition, and thus starting them off with a bang. Which here means that we’re going to get some really, really nice marquees.

That’s the nice thing about marquees. If the weather is sunny, they shield you from the sun. If it’s not so good, they keep the rain off you. And if it’s dull and moderate, they just look nice. Reminds me of that one time when I went to an Albajerian wedding and they had sprung for wedding marquee hire. Melbourne decided to bucket down on that day, but they all seemed pretty happy to be out of the rain.

Anyway…should stop wasting time and do as I’m told, despite not really knowing why.