Helping My Colleagues

I’m pleased to say that my conversations with a select number of nurses that I work with went really well. They were all really receptive to the idea and had stated that they were experiencing significant mobility issues, most likely due to working incredibly physically demanding shifts for the last several decades. 

I recommended the company offering bath tub solutions for elderly people in Sydney to my colleagues and a few of them have already implemented their services. After the first week of having a fully converted bath tub they were so happy with the results that they came into work and told me about their satisfaction. They even recommend getting a bath tub conversion to their friends and family who are at a similar age as we are. How nice is that?

As a nurse, it is within the very fibre of my being to make other peoples’ lives easier, whether that be my patients, my friends or my family. I wholeheartedly understand the struggles that my coworkers have been through and am proud to have had even a small impact on their lives. I could’ve kept my bath tub conversion a secret out of embarrassment for getting older but I chose not to. I chose to accept my aging and help those around me accept their aging too. I’m very happy with how this whole thing went and the decisions that I made.

Anyway, I’m going to have a shower now. I’ve come to love showers almost as much as I love baths. Having a shower each night is the hand that I’ve been dealt with because of my career choice. I’ve saved so many lives that I have no doubt that I made the right decision, and showering isn’t that bad anyway. 

This is probably the end of documenting my extremely positive experience of getting a bath tub cut out for elderly people – but I highly recommend that people my age do so.