Looking For Accomodation

I can’t do it anymore. This whole situation is too much for me. I’m going to have to get someone else to look after my son on a full-time basis and I’m just going to have to have someone else do it. See, that sentence was an absolute jumble. My brain doesn’t work anymore and it’s because I’m so tired all the time. My son is relentless with his needs and I know it isn’t his fault that he’s been dealt this hand but it’s not my fault either. I really just can’t do it anymore and I don’t feel like I should have to. I’m my own person and it doesn’t feel like I am anymore. 

I’m officially going to have to get someone to help me. I’m seeking a company offering NDIS support coordination. I have done some research into the type of care that my son needs and I think NDIS support is probably one of the best options that I have. I know he needs really specialised support from a number of different healthcare professionals and having a support coordinator to manage all of that will really help me. There are a number of other services my son is going to need and a number of other things that I need help with, but at least getting someone who works with the NDIS to help me is a good start.

I think the next step for helping myself and getting my son into more stable care is to get him into some permanent specialist disability accommodation. In the Adelaide CBD, there aren’t too many options for quality specialist disability accommodation around. This obviously isn’t ideal because I love my son (despite how it sounds) and I want him to have the best. I’m taking recommendations on specialist disability accommodation in the area so please get in touch. I really need the help.