Booked In For Surgery

Would you believe it? My daughter was right! I ended up injuring myself really badly after a fall on the way to one of the best football functions of the year. I was in a lot of pain in my shoulder when my husband managed to finally lift me out of the gutter. Usually, when I fall, I try not to break my fall with my arms because I know that’s a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case this time. I was really shocked. I’ve never felt such excruciating pain in my life, but I didn’t want to miss out on the function so I just held my shoulder in place and popped some pain killers. Was that smart? Probably not. Would my daughter be surprised that I did that instead of going straight to the shoulder injury specialist in the Melbourne CBD? Definitely not.

When she called up expressing concern for us, I made sure my husband didn’t tell her that we went to the function instead of going straight to the hospital. When she called we were in the hospital getting my shoulder checked out, and that’s all she needed to know. She would’ve been so mad at us for going to the dinner when I was obviously injured. She would’ve called me irresponsible. She just needs to relax.

Anyway, I ended up spending hours at the hospital because of my shoulder. They wanted to operate at that exact moment but it would have meant I’d need to recover for above five days afterwards. I absolutely did not want to do that because I had the biggest sporting event of the year the next day. So I had the hospital book me in for a shoulder arthroplasty for this coming Monday. I just have to keep my shoulder in as safe a position as possible until then so that I don’t do any more damage. My daughter won’t be happy with that.