To the Sea!

About ten years from now, we’re going to look back upon this and wonder what on earth we were thinking. Or maybe it’s the start of a massive trend like the horseless carriage, but it’s always good to have a healthy amount of scepticism about these things, especially when all your friends say that they’re looking to move into giant domes underwater. Or sometimes medium domes, depending on your exact level of income.

I’m just not really sure they’ve considered the, uh… implications, by which I mean the physical challenges. And what is this going to do to the real estate trade? Are you going to get underwater property advocates, setting out in miniature submarines to find you a high-end piece of property that is also a dome? You can bring up naysayers all throughout history and how they were ‘wrong’, but the fact is that the naysayers were right more often than they were wrong; it’s just a nicer story when they turn out to be blowing a lot of hot air. Oh ho ho, look how the smart people were proven wrong! Well, that’s only remarkable because most of the time, they’re RIGHT.

I’m not saying you can’t live underwater, but I AM saying that it’s going to change your lifestyle somewhat. Maybe all the buyers advocacy services near Melbourne are going to have offices down there after all, because the only properties down there are the high-end ones. Domes are expensive, porting in oxygen is expensive, and many food services don’t deliver down there yet, so that means frequent trips to the surface. I don’t think Uber can reach you on the ocean depths, unless they’re on the verge of unveiling a new aquatic delivery service, ‘S-Uber-Marine’. Probably not.

I don’t know… it’s just the hassle that gets to me. But maybe I should observe and see how people find it. For all I know, the Wi-Fi could be excellent down there.