Unexpected Wheel Alignment

I’m on my way to tell my girlfriend something really important. I can’t tell you guys what it is in case someone sees this and shows it to my girlfriend before I tell her, but I can say that it’s neither good nor bad. I’m not quite sure how she’ll take the news but she doesn’t have a choice in the matter, unfortunately. I know that we’re supposed to be partners seeing as we’re in a relationship, but I can’t make every single decision in my life based on what she wants. I’ve probably already given away too much information by saying that. I’ll stop now.

I’m so frustrated right now – I just want to get to my girlfriend’s house. I’ve had to stop at the local car mechanic in Adelaide to check out my car because it’s been making weird noises. I don’t want to delay telling my girlfriend this thing, but I also don’t want to drive an unsafe car. I’ve never been a reckless person, let alone a reckless driver, so making a pit stop to get my car checked out is definitely something that I would do. That doesn’t make it any less frustrating though when I have something this big that I need to get off my chest.

I wonder how she’s going to take the news. I also wonder how long it’s going to take for this wheel alignment service. Close to Adelaide, everything is really nearby, so as soon as the wheel alignment service is complete I’ll be at her house (give or take fifteen minutes). Jeez, it’s lucky that I got my car checked out when I did. I had no idea that my wheels were misaligned. 

Okay, I’m finished at the mechanic and I’m about to leave to see my girlfriend. She’s going to be shocked by what I have to say. I just hope she isn’t angry and that she understands what I’m trying to say.