Celebrating Watcher Optometry

“Welcome to the grand opening of Melbourne’s first Watcher optometrist centre!” said Mayor Charles, standing in front of the large crowd of Watchers who had come to the event. They all cheered, excited about my new business opening up. Although I am only thirteen, Charles has decided I am smart enough to be in charge of an optometrist clinic, as long as I am not actually doing any of the medical stuff. 

“Samson, the owner of this establishment, is a close friend of mine. He has been a strong ally to the Watchers ever since we arrived. His invention of the bi-monocle has proved revolutionary for our kind. Who would have thought to have one big lens, with a smaller one on top of it that we could put a single eyestalk at a time up to? Pure genius. That is why I am confident this will be the best optometrist clinic Cheltenham has to offer for Watchers. Now, I would like to give Samson an opportunity to comment, before we cut the ribbon.”

I stepped forward to the microphone, enjoying the shouts of joy as the Watchers celebrated my achievement. “I promise to deliver fantastic optometry for all Watchers, whether they live in the Bayside area or not. I will be a fantastic adult optometrist, as well as a paediatric optometrist for all the little Watchers out there. Through me, you will have great eyesight forever!”

The crowd went absolutely wild. While the excitement was at a climax, Charles came forward, toward the ribbon. As he has no hands, Charles wouldn’t be able to use the traditional giant scissors for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Instead, he shot the ribbon with one of his laser beams, causing it to fall to the ground.

With my optometry clinic now open, I can get to helping Watchers everywhere. I’m super excited for this new opportunity, which should see me beloved by the Watchers forever. Because of that, I can prepare to start a rebellion against them in secret, to get them out of our world for good! Don’t worry, fellow humans, the Watchers cannot see my blog posts, for they struggle to read anything digital. Let us all unite and reclaim our world together!