Watch Those Values

I just got an email from my landlord saying that I’m behind in my payments… by eleven cents! I honestly don’t know how this could’ve happened. I’m so careful when it comes to money. I always double and triple and quadruple check that I’ve entered the right amounts, and then I do the same to the recipient. I’d hate to send rent to the wrong bank account, for instance, because if I can’t get it back, I’m in a ton of trouble.

Oh golly, this is turning out exactly like the commercial decorative window glass incident, except this time I can at least make my mistake right by just sending eleven cents to my landlord. The window film? I have to look at that, every single day. I go to work and my failure confronts me whenever I walk past the meeting room.

You see, the boss wanted windows with a pattern of tasteful green swirls, with a mustard yellow dot in the middle. I had the option of sending out a brief to some designers and having them create the pattern, but I was foolish and overconfident. Instead, I designed them myself, using hexadecimal codes and everything. Except in my haste (and almost certainly my hubris) I slipped in a wrong number, turning the dot from mustard yellow to stil de grain yellow. The shade seems almost identical to the untrained eye, but I can see it. I see nothing else when I gaze upon it. It taunts me, as if I’d tried to go for cobalt blue and accidentally entered electric orange. Everyone claims not to notice, but that decorative window film… oh, how it mocks me day by day, that stil de grain yellow dot, which is not our company colour. 

Needless to say, I no longer trust myself with glass projects. The boss just asked me to find a good glass frosting company, Melbourne having an overabundance of candidates to narrow down, and I’ve subtly hand-balled the job. Knowing me, I’ll probably order the wrong frost strength and the values will all be off by two, three or even four percent.