What Lies Below

I keep telling the guys that I’m telling the truth, and I wouldn’t lie about something like this, but they still think I’m making it up. Yeah, yeah, people find weird things in the sewers and it gets them on the local news, but seriously, I DID find something. Ten years of sewer work, and I’ve seen nothing like it.

There’s this disused part of the sewers near Reservoir, part of an old overflow area. We’ve been trying to get the council to send in some well-rated drain unblocking services. Melbourne HAS them, so that’s no reason to skimp on the funds by sending in some council person’s nephew armed with a plunger and a pointy stick. There are tree roots and soil blockages all over the place, really tough stuff you need a professional to remove. 

Anyway,we finally got clearance to send in the drain unblocking people, and good ones with drain cameras and jet cleaning. I was doing some final checks when I heard a noise from one of the side passages, leading to an overflow control room. I opened the door, and there she was: that vigilante girl everyone has been talking about. Mask and all. The room was covered in pictures with bits of string attached, like the ones conspiracy nutters use. 

Anyway, she turned around, did something with her hand and the room filled with smoke so thick I couldn’t even stand to be in the corridor outside. Went back in half an hour later, and it was all gone. Just an old control room, dust and all.

But I DID see her. I’m not making it up! Tell you what, there are companies in Melbourne doing drain camera inspections. They can look at things in detail and they know sewers almost as well as we do. I’m gonna get proof that I’m not just capitalising on an urban legend to make my job seem more exciting.