Whiz Kid

My brother finally moving out, and thank heavens for that. He’s fine and all, but who in their right mind wants to live with an 18 year old? I mean, your average school-leaver has zero housekeeping skills, which is a problem given that they’re a magnet for mess. Wherever they go, they leave trails of chip packets, smelly socks, bags of wine (not bags of bottles of wine… just bags of wine) and cheap body spray fumes. Left to their own devices, they’ll happily leave half eaten bowls of instant ‘risotto’ in the sink for days on end. 

Okay, so this is a massive generalisation. Not all 18 year olds are like that, I’m sure. But Duncan is. God only knows how he managed to score a place at that posh college – something to do with an ‘engineers of the future’ scholarship, apparently. Who knew? Duncan may be a slob, but it seems he’s precociously hit upon some kind of innovation in commercial solar installers. Around Sydney, businesses are now clamouring to get their hands on this design, and there’ll certainly be some great press coverage for the college if they snap him up for semester two. 

Good on him. If he could just apply the same brilliant thinking to hanging out a load of washing every now and then, he’d be well on the way to being a fully fledged member of society. I’m joking, okay – what he’s done is clearly extremely impressive, and the scholarship is well deserved. But what’s the good of having a sister ten years your senior if she doesn’t have a go at you from time to time? Oh, and clean up after you while letting you crash in her spare room. At least now I understand what that T8 LED tube light in his room was all about. I thought he was just being a bozo when he was actually comparing efficiency ratings. 

I should cut the kid some slack, really. I’m sure I wasn’t much chop at house stuff when I was 18, either – you just learn it as you go along.